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   More than a club. It's our passion, it's our community

 S.S.D. Group Città di Castello is not just a soccer club. It's a place where passion for soccer, competitive spirit, dedication at training, and an unshakeable commitment to our city create a unique community.

 We are proud of our roots. Since our founding, our mission has been to develop soccer talent in Castello and the surrounding regions. We believe that our values of commitment, team spirit and hard work are the key to creating true champions.

   We support Young Talents

 Our football academy is the heart of our club. We not only train our young talents, but also teach them how to become real professionals. We are engaged not only in developing football skills, but also in shaping social and cultural attitudes.



 Our team consists of people who share the same passion and values. Coaches, youth coaches, physiotherapists, management staff and fans come together to form a unified community that shows that soccer is more than just a game.


   Our Achievements

 We are proud of our achievements, both at the senior and junior levels. Our hard work and commitment bring results on the field, but our most important goal is to develop soccer in our region and promote a healthy lifestyle among young people.


   Join us!

 Are you a young talented soccer player looking for a place to grow? Are you a passionate soccer player looking to join our community? Feel free to contact us or visit us at one of our training sessions. We are open to new members who want to join our community and share our passion.


   Support us!

 We are grateful for our strong and committed community of fans. If you would like to support our club, please contact us to find out how you can help. Remember, your support helps us grow and develop young talent in our region.

 Welcome to the world of S.S.D. Group Città di Castello, where soccer is not just a sport, but a lifestyle. Become part of our community and experience the true passion for soccer.


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